larry dahlberg making hard bait

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It was micro bulb filler or some call it micro spheres. Its tiny glass spheres added to the mix A and B to add bouancy.

Larry uses a product from Alumilite called Micro-balloons. He added on that episode by volume. 50 percent to the "a" and "b" portions of the "super plastic" mix he used to create the hard bait wire thru construction he first made the mold and then made the lure. Was a great eposode and he actually got me interested in the whole lure making thing and that in turn lead me to this site where i noticed you guys discussing his shows...weird huh. Anyway, he sells the alumilite products on his site or you can buy them direct from the manufacturers themselves. They sell everything from things to make molds or soft plastics or hard plastics pretty cool if u ask me I can now copy and recreate lures that i like and modify them to my own needs.

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I like what he did with the left over resin (cast spinner blades in spoons). He did something similar last year where he used epoxy to make the blades. I'm thinking we should be able to do that with any extra D2T. Mixing in glitter or flash material gives it some bling. The little wire clips he embedded rather than drilling a hole was pretty cool too. Would be easy on a bender jig.

Earrings for Mother's day maybe????:lol:

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