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I was down to 2 tubes of DC2T when I found out from my local W-Mart that they will no longer stock said item. I did a forum search, PM'd a few that had posted on the subject of top coats and decided to give E-Tex a try. I read all the posts on UV, dry times, etc., and decided on E-tex. The biggest reason is that it was more readily available than any of the others mentioned.

With a little help (thanks Vince) I got my first bait finished. It does take longer to dry, but my humble opinion is that it is a better LOOKING finish the the DC2T. It was also much easier to apply in a series of thin coats. As to the yellowing, the jury is out.

So if you were using Devcon and can't find it any more and have some E-Tex at your local hardware, I would give it a try. I am by NO MEANS saying that it is better than DC2T, only that it turned out one mean looking 3 1/4" Popper.

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You won't have any trouble with etex, it is a wonderful clear coat. I have lures that are 5 yrs old that look like they were done yesterday.

Make sure you are getting fresh air while using it........the stuff is not good for you to breathe. After years of using it I have developed a sensitivity to the point of where I get dizzy almost immediately if I breathe any of careful.


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