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Hello all! This is my first post and first off this is a great site! I am wanting to try my hand at building crankbaits.

Specifiacally balsa baits. I was wondering if anyone knew of a link or instructional type video that shows how people weight their crankbaits during the building process? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Paul

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Welcome to TU Paul.

The advantage of balsa is its extreme buoyancy. This means you can get extreme action from your bait, but only by concentrating the ballast centrally in the body, around the belly hanger.

If you distribute the weight, then you might as well use a heavy wood, as the result will be the same, reduced action.

To avoid instability problems, keep the ballast low. But do not be afraid to experiment with the ballast. By adjusting the location, foreward, aft, up, down, different effects will be discovered and you will learn. Interesting things happen close to instability.


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@ paul8877

At first : Welcome to TU :yes::yay:!

To get a first idea about weighting wooden lures you may check my thread "new Banana lure"(page 5) , there are some pics in there , diplaying how I test my lures for proper balance .

In the thread "looks that simple the Finnish way" there is a full instructional video available on how to carve minnow baits from balsa wood .

The way of glueing in lead sheet displayed in there rather depends a bit on estimation and/or experience , but after having made a few lures , you'll get there , too:yes: !

Utilize the search function to find these threads !

Otherwise I can only second Vodkaman's statements above :yes:!

good luck:yay: , diemai

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