A few more Rattle Can jobs.

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My version of RC Rootbeer...


Poes 400 in Lt. Blu/RC Cute Shad...


This is my version of a Splattered Horton,this is a color I have seen on line but never new anyone that had one.I think I have the colors right,if anyone knows where and when this color does well let me know....


Craw patterns


Another RC Tru Gill, without scales...Sorry for the glare


Sexy shad trap,Blu truce,Lavender Cute shad




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If one's patient and determined enough , it's possible to really get something out of those rattlecans :wink:!

Very nice paint designs , indeed:yes: !

Welldone:yes: , greetz :yay:, diemai

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Where do you get those colors in a bomb?

All my colors are Krylon and Rustoleum from Walmart and a few odd ones from some Hardware stores.You have to have an imagination with them.I run into trouble sometimes trying to match some colors.I guess you have to "think outside the can" so to speak.I just got through with my first Fire Tiger, and I think you may like it when I can get it uploaded.

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