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Hey, I just have a few more questions before I start. Just to give you an idea of what I'm doing, I am repainting a sebile magic swimmer I have laying around. Here they are:

1. How do I keep from getting paint on the 3D eyes, do I remove the eyes and then put them back on when finished, or do I cover them with something and paint over it?

2. How long should I wait between coats, I will be using createx paints?

3. Do I need to thin the paints before spraying them? I have the iridescent colors.

4. Finally, what is the best way to clean my airbrush once finished? I have heard of shooting windex through the gun.

If you can answer any of the above questions, please help. I am clueless. Thanks for any responses.

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If you really want to save the eyes that are on the bait cover them with blue painters tape and trim around them with an exacto knife.

I alaways heat set my C-tex or any water based paints with a heat gun or hairdryer, you can add the next coat right away.

You shouldnt have to thin C-tex at all, spray right out of the bottle. Just make sure you shake the crap out of it.

As far as clean up I run water through the gun then windex, keep doing it until clear liquid comes out and you are confidant the paint has been cleared.

If this is your first time I highly recomend practicing on something you wont mind screwing up.

Have fun, John

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I think Esox covered most of it. I shoot plain water and sometimes soapy water through the brush between colors, using a spray bottle. If you hold a finger over the tip of a brush filled with water, it will backwash most of the paint out when you pull the trigger - better than just shooting water through it. At the end of the session, I do a thorough cleaning with the airbrush disassembled using soapy water and a set of airbrush cleaning brushes. Lots of guys use Windex. Someone here reported that an Iwata rep warned against using cleaners like Windex that contain ammonia, which can corrode metal parts. Yeah, it can be a chore always cleaning your brush. But it's a WORSE chore using a dirty clogged brush to do fine painting.

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