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What are you guys using for joints on your swimbaits? I am a new bait builder and don't know what you use

If possible, please give me good websites you buy from



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Welcome to TU !

You can't buy those hinges ready made(apart from interlockable open eyescrews) , but have to construct and/or design them yourself , most likely some kinda of stainless steel wire is the basic material .

Do a search with the search function on right column on the TU forums page , put in Keywords like "swimbait hinges" , "swimbaits" , "screweyes" , etc ......., and you will find tons of info to read over in the threads showing up there .

good luck :yay:, diemai

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Most of the best, commercially successful swimbaits use an eye and pin hinge system, with either screw eyes or cotter pins for the "female" part of the hinge, and sst wire hinge pins.

I started by using twisted sst wire and spinner bait wire hinge pins, but now I use .72 and .92 gauge sst screw eyes and sst bicycle spokes for the hinge pins.

I get my screw eyes from Stamina, whose link you can get from the TU sources list, and the bicycle spokes from the local bike shop.

Of course, the rumors of me stealing the neighbor kids' bikes is totally unfounded! :wink:

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