Storing a bunch of cranks in 1 box

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If you want to cram a lot of cranks into 1 plano box without the hooks getting all tangled up here is another option to consider. I use the twist ties that you get with trash bags. I take a strip of ties and cut it in half because you don't need them that long for most cranks. Some people do the same thing with rubber bands but I find this to be easier and faster - and pretty cheap too!


You can see there are about 50 baits in this box with room for more and I can search through them without them getting tangled.


Oh, and this gives you something to do while waiting for the ice to thaw! :)

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Thats new ! I saw a show with Woo Daves a few years ago and he showed how he uses rubber bands and does the same thing. twist ties , who would have thunk it ! cool idea..


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