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hi guys I'm new to custom painting and was wondering the best way to approach eyes.

I've had good luck popping eyes off baits and reusing them

But I'm nervouse about my megabass Ito 110.

I know there are eyes to buy but my baits have all different size eyes.

Any advise would be appreciated especially with the Ito 110.

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Stocking up on a small sheet of diff size eyes is a good way to start. If you like the eyes, keep them on. Some of my repaints I wont mess with the eyes, like Sebile Magic Swimmers. In cases like that I will use "Misket" and cover them. It is like frisket for airbrushing but is a liquid and can be applied with a brush. Apply it on the eye/area you want protected from paint and when you are done painting peel it off. Its a very easy and clean process. :twocents:

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