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Anyone care to share the contact info for anyone who sells these fibbets? I'm looking for color options for some tail designs. Also any tips on getting them straight and thin... as to glue in tail slot would be much appreciated. I have been playing with paint brush fibbers and tinting them, but looking for other outlets!

Lili Man!

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Lili, all I use now is micro fibbets and I love them. Do a search on the computer, I cant remember where I bought my last batch from (on work computer) but they will come from a fly tying outfitter/supplier.

As far at thinning and tail placement. A lot of them come with a pretty big base and I will dremel the overage until I am close to having it where I want it. If you clean up too much it will fall apart but a lighter will reset the ends. I generally will put it in my tail slot with D2T and then make sure all gaps are filled with it. Hope that helps.

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