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I am having problems pour lead jigs. I am new to this so any help would be great.

I am using a Lee pot. Trying to pour jigs using a Do it mold(. Flitter Lure). I have tried different heat settings on the pot. Lead stream from the pot looks good. Some times lead will fill the mold and sometimes not. When I put wire forms in the mold lead will not fill the mold or completely cover the wires. I have not got a good lure yet. I started using some old lead printers type in the pot. Thought this might be the problem because it is a hard lead. So I melted down some old salt water lead weights I had. This did not solve the problem. I have added a picture. Any help would be great


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I am not familiar with the type of lead you are using, but did you mix the saltwater lead with the hard lead? Most problems are from hard lead. I would try pouring into your mold without any hardware inside to help warm up the mold. Usually a few times is all that is needed. If you are still having an issue with out hardware, maybe the temperature is not hot enough, maybe it could use some "fluxing", and maybe it is just hard lead.

Check out the "Wire Baits" section of the forum if you want to read up on flux.

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All recommendatons sound good. You can also try smoking your cavities with a candle. Once your molds warms up, put the wire form in and wait a few seconds longer before you pour to allow the wire to warm up from the mold. If all else fails, go to pure soft lead. Hope this helps.

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