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Since no one really answered the original question I will say this; I like to clear $15 off each bait [above the cost of the bait], but it usually ends up around $10. If you can paint in sets of 3, then you can make some $$. If your doing baits one at a time, it will be tough.

People will pay $30-$35 for a good paint job on a Lucky Craft. They won't pay $12 for a Norman with the exact same paint. Point is, it takes the same amount of time and money to paint a lucky as it does a norman.

One final thought, why does everyone try to copy the factory colors?? If you can't make it better or different there is no reason why they should pay more.....

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Figure out how much time it takes to make each lure, how much you want to make an hour, how much the materials for each lure are, how much profit you want to make per lure, and that's your price. Shipping and handling are extra.

If you can't get enough to pay your costs and make a profit, don't do it.

Why make something fun into slavery?

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