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hey guys... i was thinking id use oomoo 25 silicon and alumilite.. i no lots of ppl here are big on feather lite, are there any other good plastics..... also id like to make a mold directly of a live fish .. quick mold and let him go rite after what is the best stuff to do this with ?

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Alginate. It sets in about 1 minute, so you have to work really fast. It is made of seaweed, so is harmless to the fish. There is no heat generated either.

It is a soft rubbery material when cured, so may need support when casting from it. I use layers of material, dipped in plaster, a bit like making a medical plaster cast.

You can only cast plaster of Paris in it, as all other casting materials are too corrosive for the alginate. Also, it is a one shot cast, if you are very careful, you could get two. The PoP casting has to be made within hours, as the alginate degrades very quickly, as it dries out. After 24 hours, it will be virtually unrecognisable.

Not sure how you are going to cast the fish, my thoughts are to do two halves, then sand the dried plaster castings and glue together.

You could totally encapsulate the fish, then split the alginate with a exacto knife, to release the fish.

This has been discussed before, but no one has reported back, so I wish you luck and keep us informed.


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