Powder Painting a Bait that is already Painted

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SGriff    0

Guy's, I got some 1 oz. Ledge Buster Chatterbaits. Problem is the heads on all of the baits are painted black. I want topaint them white with powder paint but since I don't know what type of paint they used on the original heads (it dosw not look like powder paint...more like vynal or epoxy) do you still think I can heat the head and dip it in white powder pait and it work ok?

Thanks, Steve Griffin, Alabama

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cadman    285

A quick way to find out is to try one and see what happens. If it has vinyl paint over it or an epoxy coating you can not put powder paint over it. You must strip it and then repaint it. How many do you have to do?

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reeves    1


I would just go ahead and strip them and be done with it. Not knowing what the original paint is, could pose a couple of problems. If using a torch to heat the head prior to powder, it could go up in flames on you. Also, covering black with white is not a good practice anyway.

Get some MEK and soak for a few minutes. If it is anything but powder paint, it will roll right off. Powder paint will require soaking for a bit longer.

Good luck.

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