airbrush or hand painting?

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.......I don't know if I'd call it the old fashioned way but if you check out my gallery photos you'll see lures painted with everything from a brush to Q-tips to tooth picks and rattle cans but none of them are airbrushed. Not that I have anything against an airbrush, I just don't own one.

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diemai    228

Don't have an airbrush either , I use rattlecans and modelmaking enamels .

Started out with these , now I am used to them , but when you're just starting out , better take acrylic paints , they are easier to work with by far .

good luck :yay:, diemai

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mark poulson    1,680

I use all three, airbrush, hand brush, and rattle cans.

Airbrush for the main paint scheme, including scales and high lights,

hand brush for details and accents, and rattle cans for spray glitter, and to protect previous coats of water based paint from a newer experimental coat, in case I screw up.

I also add glitter suspended in Minwax Polyacrylic (thank you Nathan) with a brush, so I can place it where I want it.

I add spots with a drill bit dipped in paint, too.

Whatever works.

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