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I have done several thousand lures with etex and have yet to see one of them yellow. Ironically, I had a customer write me this morning to say he has a BeerBelly Glider that I did several years ago with 30 musky on it and it doesn't have a single crack! That's tough!

When I first started I was using Devcon and although I did like it, several baits yellowed on me along the belly.

Etex will fisheye (dimple) if everything isn't just perfect.....usually it is a contaminant of some kind from your fingers but it can also be caused by unsealed wood, resin that hasn't had a chance to degass, or uncured paint.

I haven't tried the high build flexcoat but I have heard good things about it.


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I'll have to try some nu-lustre soon, but I understand there's now 3 different types,one or two with uv added and etex has somewhere around 4-5 different types, but only one with uv added which I beleive is ex-74..the tech told me most use crystal sheen on baits but again that has no uv's in it....good greef!

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