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Hey everyone! I've been "lurking" on this site for a few weeks ad it's really a WEALTH of information. I've been into hand pouring plastics and making jigs for a while but lately I've been really intrigued by carving crankbaits and swimbait masters and all that. Just toying w/ it trying to learn what I can. The info on foiling and wrapping I've gotten here has been great so my question is, What do I need to get started with Airbrushing?

I want to have a decent airbrush but try not to spend a ton of money. I do not know anything about them or what ones are good for lure painting. External Mix? Internal Mix? Single Action? Double Action? Don't know wht any of this means really and would love info. If anyone has a link or could tell me how to get started I'd be very grateful!

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DH, There are lots of discussion threads about airbrush brands and their pros/cons here on the Hardbaits forum. Use the search feature and you'll get a firehose dose of opinions/reports/you-name-it. Don't forget the compressor. It's a system and if one piece is subpar, the whole is subpar. If you want decent at low price, several guys use and like the NBI airbrushes (you can get a TU member discount on one). In general, any brand with a tip size of .2 - .35 mm is what I'd recommend. I use an Iwata Revolution with .3mm tip and like it.

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