Where to mix paint?

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When mixing paints for different colors what's the process you use? Do you mix it in a seperate container and trial it through the airbrush as you adjust the mix for the proper color? Also, do I need to thin the creatix brand paint at all? And finally, Do the translucent colors mix the same or do you achieve the color by layering in the bait?

Sorry for so many questions...I used the search function and got most my questions answered but these remained unanswered. I picked up some blanks, got an airbrush and some paint and I can't wait to start painting...gonna spend some time practicing on PVC pipe though! Thanks!

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I mix colors in small plastic cups. I do it by eye, and just dab the color on a small plastic tackle divider (like you find in Plano boxes) until I get the color I want.

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