Cutting the Slot for the bill correctly

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I been having trouble getting the slot for the bill straight.

I cut the slot with a band saw and the slot will be low one side - no particular side though.

I been leveling the bill by adding wedges of smaller pieces of wood, slethers of wood.

Does anyone have any advice?

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Yes - If you're building baits from wood blocks, cut the lip slot as soon as you have cut out the lure blank on your band saw, while the blank is still "square". Getting the slot in a store-bought bait cut straight is a challenge. But if you must, I'd mark a slot line with a Sharpie and a piece of bendable plastic, then use a hacksaw or a Dremel thin cutoff wheel to cut it by hand. If you end up cutting it too big, I recommend installing the lip with epoxy putty. It has a clay-like consistency and lets you adjust the lip until it's straight while filling in the voids in the slot. The putty density is close to wood so there will be little effect on the lure's balance. Smooth out the margins of the epoxy before it cures because it gets very tough after curing. You can find a putty log at most any home center in the glue dept.

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Thanks BobP...

I am cutting the bait out of blocks of bass wood.

And now I see what I have been doing wrong.

I cut the profile, trim, sand etc. then cut the slot.

Basically been cutting the slot last.

Call it a greenhorn mistake.

Again thanks

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hazmail.....thanks for the Micro Through Wire Construction link.

Very informative tutorial.....

I did not catch that one, while I was searching around.

I must comment on another item that I learned in the tutorial -Making jigs along the way - does make sense as well....

Again thank you Sir

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