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Big Baits verses Little Baits

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Posted 08 March 2009 - 08:32 PM

Even though there is science and talent behind catching fish, sometimes it comes down to just being at right place - at the right time, no matter what one has tied on at the end of the line.

#22 gunnie3035


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Posted 09 March 2009 - 01:33 AM

Bav88 spoke the only truth on this matter. The only reason most people don't catch big fish is because they don't fish for big fish. Keep on reading all that nonsense the pros are sellin ya. They are the best in the world at catching better than average fish under a time restriction. They don't know jack about catching trophy fish in the average pond. Anyone can go down Mexico way chuck an 8" bait for a week and whack a 10. Try the same stuff on a lake above 4,000 feet. Most people just don't have the dedication it takes to catch a good one. Make all the excuses and justifications you want, but this is fact......

#23 diemai


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Posted 09 March 2009 - 02:00 AM

@ gunnie3035

Your statement about Mexico reminds me to a certain European prof' angler always catching nice and plenty of perch , pike and walleye(zander)displayed in his videos and books .

He is a German , but lives and obviously most likely always fishes in the Netherlands , where the fish stock seemingly is pretty much better as it is in Germany , due to the strict "catch-and-release" restrictions and attitude over there .
Over here we have some different stupid restrictions demanding to take home every legal sized fish , and though an increasing number of us constantly violates that dump rule , the stock of predatory fish over here seems to be not as good as in our neighbor-country by far .

I always wonder , whether this guy would also catch his usual lots of fish in my own native waters , where one sometimes really has to struggle to get something on the line .

greetz:yay: , diemai

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#24 jamie


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Posted 09 March 2009 - 05:53 PM

diemai , why do they want every legal fish taken home? sounds like to me they want to remove the predator chain from water system. I hope the legal fish is a narrow window, like a slot limit and not everything over a certain lenght. I understand that some fish needs to be harvested but that seems a little extreme. I hope thing work out for the fishery where you live and maybe you can lobby and try to make a change.:yay:

#25 diemai


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Posted 09 March 2009 - 08:18 PM

At first , sorry about the following little off-topic:worship: !

@ Jamie

These fishing restrictions in Germany to kill every legal sized fish are the worst of entire Europe , as far , as I know:yes: !

They are based on the green party ideologies , that no animal should be mistreated or misused for a human sporting ,-or leisure activity , which catch-and-release would be in their own eyes .

So , after their arguments , the purpose of fishing should only be a senseful use of those natural sources(the meat of the fish) , and the best use is of course to eat the fish !
The purpose of fishing should not be just pure fun or even of a competative character !

So all fish above their restricted legal size and outside of their particular spawning or stocking closing time period must be killed by law !
When having reached your daily/weekly catch amount limit , fish for different species or.......go home:huh:(in a nutshell).

Illegal sized fish or fish accidentally caught during their closing time must be released , if injured too bad to survive , they must be killed , chopped to pieces and thrown back into the water:eek: !

To protect the fish stock , there are catch amount limits everywhere , but these are not very reliable to keep up a good stock , if the water is heavily pressured .

Alright , so far about our stupid fishery restrictions , made by stupid politicians without any knowledge on the subject , just for maybe political correctness .

But I can assure you , more and more anglers over here break and violate those stupid restrictions and practise CPR , because they learned and know about the importance to preserve a good stock of fish in our waters .

Even though it sometimes happens , that lawsuits against such CPR guys are opened , most likely nothing would happen , since they can't put an inspector or a cop behind every guy with a rod in his hands !

I remember two cases reported some years ago in a local angling magazine , both happened about exactly the same time .

One British angler got convicted over there for having killed a bigger carp and taken it home , whereas about same time in Germany a local angler also got convicted , but for having released a big carp:huh: !
Crazy , isn't it :eek:?

One could read more and more posts nowadays on German fishing sites about catches , that "accidentally fell off the hook at boatside" , or "darn.....slipped from my hands back into the water" etc. , so reading this gives hope for the future , hopefully the politicians would notice one day as well ?

Sorry again but this off-topic......:yay:!

greetz :yay:, diemai