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Hahaha , I am familiar to such , I used to have one as a boy , about 35 years ago ;):)!

These motors were available with a suction disc like shown , but they could also be mounted to the hull of toy boats , that where extra constructed for them having a certain kinda "rail" to push on the motor on their keel .

greetz :yay:, diemai

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@ bassrecord

Must be a rather big and buoyant lure to carry this motor , it is 1" by 4 3/4" in size , and if my memory serves me right , it weights at least as much as three AA batteries .

And I don't see the sense in a self propelled lure anyway , at least not like this , it should be possible to switch off the motor by a remote control , maybe , after it has reached its destination .

In Europe , there are remote controlled , so-called bait boats available , most likely carp anglers use these for chumming , when boating is not allowed(on many waters over here) .

They are about two feet long , have real position lights for nightfishing and carry a load of approx three pounds of chum about up to 300 yards out on the water .

But one could also utilize these boats to carry out sinker ,-or float set-ups for those "outta-reach-pike" , even for lures , but the question is , whether its worth it for one single "cast" of a lure ?

greetz :yay:, diemai

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Ummmm. You've got me thinking!

Big casting lures are not my thing but it (whatever this thing is called) has some nice sounding features:

1. Turn on/off by turning the nose (or something else).

2. Propeller (mimic injured prey maybe).

3. One inch by 5 inches is big but the right shape.

4. Two Double A batteries may be too heavy to cast (but maybe OK to troll.

5. Rudder to make injured prey go in a circle(maybe).

6. Remote control (possibilities maybe).

7. Battery powered (replaceable power source).

O well. Maybe someday.


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@ bassrecord

Oh , I see now , what you mean ,..... in a nutshell......... leave the size of the motor and add hooks , so you could maybe cast it out to a hot spot and let it run in circles there ?

Didn't think of such option , I've thought , that the propelled lure should swim away far beyond casting distance and then be retrieved the ordinary way:huh: !

Not such a bad idea of yours , actually:nuhuh: , but I think , that this motor is just too big and heavy for it , one would need something smaller !

As a result , a smaller motor , power source , rudder and prop with its shank would have to be assembled straight into a lure , the biggest problem about it would be to prevent water sepage on the electric parts .

I really don't know about such small parts , but I know , that they should be available in model building shops.........if you wanna give it a try !

There is something about the idea having a lure constantly circling around:yes:.... even if it was a sinker , you could try rigging it at any depth under a bobber of sufficient size , probably a bigger bubble float ?

That one can be adjusted by filling water in , so there won't be too much resistance for a striking fish , yet buoyant enough for not to be pulled down by the self propelled lure .

And the bobber would also act as a strike indicator , if suddenly pulled down or swimming out of its course .

But it might also be possible , that apart from the rudder for left/right direction the lure would also need a rudder for depth setting , because the bobber being tossed might drag it back to the surface sooner or later , so that force would have to be encountered .

With the bubble float and a depth rudder there would be TWO options to alter to probably get the hole thing to work .

Just some brief thoughts in theory:huh:.........!

greetz:yay: , diemai

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