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Needs some help on a airbrush

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I am looking to get a mid range airbrush gun in the next month or too. I have looked at Hobby Lobby. Their prices were $25 dollars and then jumped to $145 and up. Where would be a good web site to get a descent gun from? I have a little air compreser for filling tires could that coverted so I can use it for the gun? What should I look for when buying a gun? I will be using it for painting cranks, spinnerbaits, jigs,etc.

I will have more questions down the road I hope you don't mind!

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21xdc    123
BJ Smith    0
They look like they have good prices have you ordered from them?

Yes I have.......... I have purchased four airbrushes and one compressor. Good customer service when you call too......

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Birdman    11

I've always believed you should spend your money once so take your time and do your research.

As you have seen, airbrushes are very affordable and can produce outstanding results. But like any tool, it's only as good as the hands it is in. This just takes time.

There are two basic types-single action and dual action. Industry standards are mostly based in single action guns and it is a good place to start. Later as your skills start to kick in, a dual action may be in your future. If I have a ton of baits to pump out, I'm using a single action. If I'm making a few lures for a pro, the dually is the way to go.

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