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@ rjacustomcrankbaits

Don't know much about wakebaits , though I have made two some months ago after an example displayed on TU , which work pretty well .

I guess , a walk-the-dog action and a straight down diving bill on one and the same lure won't match at all , since the lip would hinder any sideward darting action .

In general , walk-the-dog topwater lures are somewhat tail-weighted , so the the weight , accelerated by a jerk with the rod tip would push the lure forward and then break out sideward .

A lip would stabilize the lure , prevent the forward glide and thus the sideward darting tendency , too .

The lip might only force the tail-weighted lure downward on a jerk , if pointing forward sufficiently , certainly also break out sideward , but I won't call such a wakebait anymore:huh: .

But when the bill is pointing rather downward like on a typical wakebait , I am afraid nothing much like an attractive action would occur .

Just some brief thoughts........:huh:.

good luck:yay: , diemai

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Wake Baits requiring a diving lip will track straight as Diemai has said. You may get some hunting action out of your bait but basically the track is relatively straight on the retrieve.

Most wake baits are rounded or bulbous (but not all). A round head creates more resistence up front and helps prevent the bait from diving. However for the past year I've worked on a flat sided waker that moves more water with its body thus producing a greater wake. But one common characteristic is the pivot point is at the head-just the opposite of a walk the pouch bait. There's a clue where to place your weight.

Check out Mann's Waker Fluke, Excalibur Wake Bait, Lucky Craft Moonsault, Full Nelson etc. for design ideas.

Good Luck

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