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I had one and it had the same internals as a Crescendo 175 with the exception of the gravity-siphon flip over feed, which I never used. Quite a few TUers got one during the Badger Garage Sale last year. There are cost competitive alternatives in either the Iwata Revolution or the PS-900 sold by NBI Marketing. Based on my experience with airbrushes, I only consider an airbrush if it has a specific tip size in its list of specifications. I like .3mm for color basecoats and .2mm for shading and details. I'd get the .3mm if I were going to use one only. Like I said, this is JMHO. There are lots of guys doing great work with the Badger 360 who like that airbrush. Airbrushes get to be rather user-specific. You get used to how a brush runs and performs and you either like it or not depending on how well you mesh with it to produce a good end product.

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