Windex as Thinner

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I got my mix from the tutorial here on TU - 95/5/5

I use a gallon of distilled water 3 oz of alcohol and 5 drops of dish soap.

It is also what I use for cleaning the airbrush.

The alcohol keeps the paint from drying fast in the brush and the soap makes slick and it easy to clean

Yse an old mustard dispenser for sqquirting through the brush.

I'm alsways looking for the easy way out.

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I've tried windex solution and I kept getting bubbles. Now I use a heatgun set on the lowest setting. I put it on the stand it came with and turn it on. I pass the bait in front of it to warm just a little, then I start to spray. Every few seconds I pass the bait in front of the gun and the paint dries before it has a chance to separate.

Works great and there is only the paint and water in the air. You also don't have to worry about your brush.

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