moisture trap?

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Well I wish I could remember everything from science classes, but hmm CRS has set in. So, just fire up the compressor, then just open the drain cock on it and watch all of the water come out. Compressing the air heats it and causes the water in the air to be forced out. Water and many types of paint don't mix at all so you could easily ruin your paint and work. And while acrylic paint can be thinned, haven't you noticed what happens after cleaning your airbrush, and starting to paint a new color. You better give a couple of sprays of the airbrush on to something other than what you are trying to paint as all of that moisture will cause the paint to run. Ever kicked your self for not clearing your airbrush enough before spraying your kill spot! How many kill spots did you have run when you first started painting, well it was all of the extra moisture or solvent not being cleared.

So get a trap and keep the moisture out of your paint.

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NAPA stores carry a filter/moisture trap, packaged in pairs. They are pink inside when new and turn brown when they need to be replaced. For me each one lasts about a year.

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