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Ok guys here's my delemma , i started out with a paasche gun, and now I have 1 Iwata, and 2 masters. The iwata and masters have a different size fitting than the paasche, how can i get the paasche to fit a hose for a iwata, or figure out a way to get the paasche hooked up to a manifold that fits all of them, it stinks that it fits different hoses. Any help so i can get em all on the iwata hoses, or anyway to hook them all up at once. Thanks

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Share on other sites sells a good selection of adapters for various brands of airbrush hoses. The drawback is the shipping charge on orders less than $50 but their adapters are better quality than other places I've tried. I use a Paasche hose on my Iwata airbrushes, with an adapter on the hose end.

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