Split Ring or no Split Ring that is the ?

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on 3,4,5 segmented Swimbait do you use a Split Ring or not i can't make a decision. I've not decided if it helps or hurts the swimming motion can really tell except it tangle up more with it

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I've found that I don't need split rings with my jointed swimbaits, which don't have bills. The swimming action is fine without them, and I kind of like the head to be more stable, anyway.

For me, generally speaking, a split ring, or loop knot, helps a crank to move back and forth more freely, enhancing the side to side action. I have made a few lipped cranks, and always used a split ring on them.

I have made a couple of lipped, jointed swim baits, and, in that cast, the split ring helps the action of the bait. I think it has something to do with the split ring helping to overcome the down force of the lip which can have a tendency to damp down the side to side action of the lure.

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