E-Tex at Hobby Lobby

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atrophius    10

it amazes me to when I goto Michael's and no one knows their own craft store. At Michael's, it is usually with the epoxy/decoupage/silverleaf area. I haven't been to hobby lobby in a bit, but should be in same area still.

Oh, its envirotex and in a blue box

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mark poulson    1,680

Etex is a two part epoxy. It is a decoupage epoxy, designed for coating large areas, with some differential movement, so it's more flexible than D2T, which is a glue (thank you Downriver).

Because it's more flexible, it takes impacts with rocks better, denting instead of cracking.

I think that company also makes a UV protected formula, but I switched to Nu Lustre 55 with UV protection, and am happy.

One tip...the harder the material you make your lure from, the better the finish will hold up, since the epoxy isn't stressed as much from impacts or teeth. That's one of the reasons I like AZEK PVC decking.

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fishinnbama    10

oh okay thanxs i wish we could get a real good one part system that would look great take the abuse from fishing and water that alls yea had to do is dip it in a can and roll iti just have to take more time and get to apply the apoxy i guess better my first lure had the wrong stuff set up to fast and didn't come out to good the second one had a two part from hobby lobby sets up slower and came out some what okay but still not great but hey it caught a fish the second cast yesturday about a 1 lb large mouth so must not be to bad huh lol

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