Protective coating for jigs.

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Hi all how's it going?

Been messing about with speed jigs for the first time and intend on keeping my jig as scratch and bash free as possible from the rocks etc.

Wondering if it would be possible to coat the jig with some sort of varnish or epoxy mixed with thinners.

Anyone gone down this road? :whistle:

I have used pirks in the past and because I use a weaker link if I get snagged my pirk lasts for ages. Last one i discarded because it was all bashed up and rusty over time.

Now that I'm paying good money for williamson jigs I'd like to geep them as presentable as possible.

Only thing I'm wondering is whether coating the jig will affect the appearance adversely.

Any comments whatsoever on what could be used will be greatly appreciated indeed. :yes:


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I've used epoxy and Dick Nite lurecoat on jigs. Both work but you have to brush on the epoxy, it's thick, it sags unless turned on a turner, and it is not as clear and non-yellowing as the Dick Nite (DN). The DN is a snap to use, just dip in the jigs and hang them to dry. Wait 24 hrs between dips if you want a thicker clearcoat (I usually do 2-3 dips, others prefer 4). About a week after application, the DN has moistured cured to form a very glossy tough finish. The tricky part of DN is its storage. Do a search in this forum to learn the details before you buy.

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