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Just bought a brand new Iwata. Was wondering if anyone could give me a step by step process on how to paint a crankbait or something so I dont waste my time. Any info from start to finish would be great. thanks.

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Here are steps for a simple 2 or 3 color minnow bait.

  • Before painting, apply a waterproof undercoat on a wood bait so water based acrylic will not cause the grain to rise.
  • For all acrylic paint you shoot, use a hair dryer to dry it after each shot. Start slow so you won't push paint around on the lure or boil the paint.
  • Shoot an all-over white basecoat to hide grain lines or old paint. I do this on ALL baits.
  • Start with the belly of the lure and shoot your colors. Most times, it's going to be pearl white or chartreuse. Apply the belly color up to the back of the bait.
  • If you're painting a minnow and want scale effect on the shoulders, wrap the lure in netting and shoot the shoulders through the net. Not too heavy - you want a smooth transition from the belly color to the back color. Dry the paint before you remove the netting.
  • Shoot the back and shade it down into the scale effect.
  • Apply kill spot and red gills if desired, shooting through a stencil.
  • Shade a little orange, red or neon yellow accent onto the throat if desired.
  • Clearcoat the bait with epoxy or polyurethane. Voila

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