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Your problem sounds like the needle is not allowing paint through the nozzle. The PS900 is a dual action brush. Just in case you are not familiar, I will explain. By pressing down on the trigger you will get air only. By pressing down on the trigger and slowly pulling back on the trigger at the same time, you will get air and fluid. The more you pull back on the trigger the more paint will be released. This is the part that takes some adjustment of the brush and getting accustomed to on your part.

If this is not new news for you, then I would check the needle adjustments. The needle should be locked in the seated position and it may not be which is not allowing the needle to retract when the trigger is pulled back. Look for the needle locking nut, should be located at the back end of the brush and make sure it is tight. Pull the trigger back and you should be able to see the needle moving back and forth in the nozzel.

Hope this didn't confuse you as it is a little hard to explain. The problem sounds like an obvious one, but then ???? I don't have a PS900 but it looks almost identical to the Paasche Talon that I do use. Very similar features, and I am sure one of the guys with the PS900 will jump in and clear things up for you.

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Hey the dual action part is not working??? i did something to it but im not sure what. when i tilt back the needle does NOT move the piece in the pic is messed up somehow? it did work yesterday... any ideas?


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That nut that you show in your picture should be the needle locking nut, make sure it is tight. Actually I would remove the housing around it, loosen the nut and make sure the needle is free by just tenderly pulling it back and forth. Once it is for sure free, push it all the way forward to seat it in the nozzle and tighten the locking nut. Pull the trigger back and the needle should move backward.

If it worked OK yesterday, did you tear it down to clean? Have any parts left over (my favorite trick)?

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