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I am a member of several message boards, all of which have "stickys" for usefull threads and commonly asked questions. Why doesn't this board have these? There are questions on top coat, wood types, eye screws. joint types, which paint is best, etc, etc, every week. Why can't we have a list of commonly asked topics at the top of the hard bait board?

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You raise a good point. I think the answer is that a lot of these subjects do not have definitive answers. Laying down a sticky with the current opinion would stifle progress.

A good example is Devcon. It gets thrashed and hammered almost weekly and many people get frustrated with its frequency. But over time, new ideas emerge, methods, techniques, tools etc.

TU has a reputation for being an innovative site, compared to many other lure building sites, that seem to be more about showing off the final result (if you want to show your baits, put them in the gallery, not the forums!). By asking the same old questions and sharing techniques, combining different ideas, innovation happens and we all progress.

Yes, it is a good suggestion, but I really don't think we should go that route.


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