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Stronger nylon vs. acrylic hinge for swimbait

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Tim- Sorry I don't have any pictures, it's getting late here and I'm going to Queensland fishing in the morning. Here is some info that will get you started, I'm no electrician, so go for it at your own risk!!

I made a simple one which works like this :

Plastic Bending Fixture

but mine is nowhere near as exotic. I used a 12v battery and a rheostat (12V car light dimmer - ) to regulate the heat, when the battery went flat, I used an old battery charger, you need plenty of amps, so if you have a variable charger you might be in business.

Tap Plastics make one, which I think would be pretty cheap there:

Tap plastics

Or if you have a TIG welder, this guy has the amps.

TIG -Part 2:

You can cold bend polycarbonate (Lexan) in a 'break' but I think cold bending would weaken it, so I think hot is the go, you should bend it around at least a wire size which is the same size as your hinge pin for a snug fit

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Pete, thanks so much for the feedback. My wheels went from spinning to burning rubber. I just happen to be an electrician & we use heater boxes for bending a radius in our pvc conduit runs. I'm thinking with a few modifications, it might just do the trick. I also like the smaller store bought one from TAP plastics.

On another note, you must be very excited for your 3 week fishing trip. That sounds like so much fun. I hope you catch lots of quality fish. Take care.


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