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AFAIK The written authority on hook making is Darrell Martin's "The Fly-Fisher's Craft - The Art and History." On page 208 under Barbing, he says: For barbing, I clamp the wire firmly on the anvil. The hook wire locks beneath a bolt mounted brass plate.

He describes fine microbarbs for fine wire fly hooks which I presume you are not interested, then says:

A 1/4" cold chisel cuts barbs for thicker wires. The chisel blade angle determines barb angle. Chisel blades should be extremely sharp. To create the barb, place the blade, slightly or immediately, behind, the beginning of the point taper. Begin with a vertical blade then angle the blade down while tapping to lift the barb. When tapping, avoid rolling or curling the blade forward. Barb angle varies from 25' to 30' from horizontal. Most attractive is a shallow, short, slender barb. The barb cut should be 20 percent or less of the wire diameter. Create the barb wire with several light taps from the chasing hammer. If struck too hard, the chisel blade will completely sever the hook wire. After barbing the hook wire, remove it from the anvil, gently polish the barb and point with fine emery paper.

Hope this helps!

Good luck!


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