Transferring wood baits to resin

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BrownPigs    10

I have been making some jointed swimbaits out of wood and have some that I have working really well and was wondering what the best way was to transfer the wood baits into resin.

A couple of them I could take apart and make a mold for each section but a couple of them I have made in a way that I can't take them apart. How do I go about making molds of those?

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i was actually thinking of doing the same thing and the idea i have come up with is us some clay an fill the joints with that make sure it's smooth before you pour your resin. the bait will be a little bit longer than the original so if you want to make it the same size you will have to cut out where your joints were in the original. i am thinking that you will have to sand some of it down but i'm thinking that you will be able to put out a few more baits with the resin than would plus they are more durable. i've been thinking about this for a while an just haven't got the guts to try it yet i have a couple other projects going now that i wanna get finished. i just got my resin kit in the mail last week and i'm prob gonna try and make a couple of golden shiner type bait this week.

sorry about the length of the post if you try it let me know how it works. i will probably be trying it in a few weeks.

anyways hope it helps even though i don't know if it will work or not


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atrophius    10

I deleted my post cause I found my links wont work for some reason, but Coley has the right stuff. If you do a search on 2 part latex molds you can find a video or something that shows ya step by step.

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