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I am a total newb at lure making and had a quick question, which melts first aluminum or lead? I was thinking of making aluminum molds for lead deep sea jigs, and just wanted to make sure my mold wouldn't melt

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@ makohunterz

Don't worry , lead melts at about 260° Celsius , not quite sure about aluminium , but its melting point is far beyond , at least 600° Celsius , probably even more .

All commercial molds are made of aluminium as well , even the softest alloy would withstand the molten lead , no matter how many casts you make .

Silicone molds do not have such a long shelf life , only up to a few hundred casts , but this really depends of the size of the cavities , the bigger these are , the lower the lifetime of the mold .

Guess , for bigger deep sea pirks these are not suitable .

greetz , diemai:yay:

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I Work in a plant that has a foundry and we pour aluminum some guys there said they took some home to pour fishing lures with regular lee melting pot and do -it molds never tried it cause I don't like how light the jigs would be

As far as salt water goes i believe salsa spoons are made of aluminum I know they make several spoons the same size but with different wieghts they must use different alloys to change wieght without changing size

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