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Looking to make my first purchase for a rainbow trout pattern and I'm not sure what colors to purchase first. I just don't want to buy a bunch of colors that I wont end up using. From what I have read most people spray a layer of white as a base coat over their crank or jerkbaits. I need some kind of green for the back of the jerkbait and I was thinking a pearl white for the belly. Also wondering if i need a lighter shade of green to fade from the darker green back? If you guys could suggest some of the creatx colors then I could order them!

I have heard some good things about the wicked colors and the auto air. Those have some solvent in them but supposedly not as much as other paints. Can I use them without an expensive mask? Also, can I use the wicked white as a base then use the regular createx colors on top of that? Sorry for all of the questions just want to make sure I spend my money on what I will actually be using. Thanks again.

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Hi there,

I've been using Createx,Auto Air and wicked/Auto-Borne paints exclusively and I can help you out.

Firstly, yes you can interchange any of the paints and all work very well together. Reduce them with the Auto Air 4011 or Wicked Reducer. Both contain some solvent and really help make the paint flow and lay down smoother. Build up your colors with light passes not all in one coat or you will reduce the adhesion qualities.

For base coats I always use Auto Air Sealer White or Sealer Dark depending on the lure. both act as a primer. When I'm airbrushing plastic lures I now spray a light coat of adhesion promotor

which is commonly used for painting plastic fenders on cars and such. Any automotive paint section probably carries a plastic adhesion promotor.

As for the Green try the Wicked Green with some drops of Wicked Black added to darken it as needed. Sometimes I'll also add a sparkle in it depending on the effect I want.

The Wicked Colors are the best water-borne paints on the market and spray exceptionally well. While a dual cartridge respirator isn't needed you should at least have something to reduce airborne paint particles. I use a box fan with a filter behind it to suck the spray from the air as I paint. It works very well.

Hope this helps and please feel free to email me at if you have any other questions. If you need more help I'll call you.

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I paint a fair amount of trout baits. I generally dont use much creatix. I use a lot of wasco water based taxidermy paint. The following is the colors I use on every trout:

wasco paint:

light bass green

dark bass green


pearl white

pearl silver

gill red


trans- light brown

trans- violet

pearl gold


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Well it took me quite a while to picture if the trout should have green or a golden yellow green on its back that had transparent color so that you could see the black dots through it. that would be ideal to do,but being new at this i went with other colors thinking man maybe i could do that when i get better at painting and mixing. Like muskysnax I use Autoair colors. On my Trout I do use white everywhere then black (sealer dark) on the back. these are considered the seal coats. My first color for entire body is matallic sparklescent white. Then on the sides a very light coat of Transparent Grey over a plastic mesh for scales. Another coat of matallic white. A Transparent light coat of Magenta. Then there is a color called Hot Rod Sparkle White. Man you want this lure to bling sparkle this does it. use a resperator for this color though. micro flakes fly everwhere. After all that fun stuff i paint the top with Matallic Fastback Green. Make random dots everywhere you think they should be then clear coat, all these colors are waterbase so they are safe and easy to clean up. like snax mentioned to add colors together try also the green with gold matallic you"ll get so awesome colors down to a chartruse if you mix more gold. the magenta can be used to make other colors also.remember the rainbows of mixing colors and you wont need all them trippy colors out there. Createx colors are great the same.grab some colors and mix custom colors and you'll find out that is more satisfying than basic colors. just like the lures made on tu.all custom! :yay:

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I start with pearl white over the white primer. Then black on the top of the back and lightly fade down to the mid lateral line. Mix opaque yellow and opaque black, about 6 or 7 drops of yellow with one drop of black, to make an olive green color. ( add more yellow to lighten but never more black, start dark and see where you are) Spray the olive over the black with a mesh scale pattern. For rainbow, add Florescent pink or flamingo pink at the mid lateral line and some at the gill area. Mist some purple ( I use florescent) below, next to the mid lateral line and at the gill area as well. With a very fine mesh, mist some silver over both sides of the bait avoiding the head as much as possible. Use some black to create effect such as gill plates and spots with the back of a cheep paint brush. Lastly, spray some transparent bright yellow over the olive on the sides of the bait keeping it away from the pink and transparent tropical green over the back to give it a nice blend and golden green color over the olive. Hope this helps some of you, this is how I paint my rainbow.


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