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Instructions for a Spray booth(airbrush)

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A word of warning for anyone making their own spray booth. I recently did a lot of research on this for myself, and was told by people who know a lot more than me that it is extremely dangerous to use anything other than an explosion proof motor or a squirrel cage fan ( where the motor is isolated from the airflow). Partly this is because of the risk of explosion from paint vapors combined with sparks. It is also because the volitile fumes dissolve the coatings on the windings over time and cause shorts and then fires.

I guess this doesn't happen often 'cause I see a lot of plans on the internet for booths with unprotected motors, but I personally never liked playing Russian roulette.

There are sources for inexpensive squirrel cage fans on the web such as - http://www.surpluscenter.com/

Stay safe!

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Hey Magic Bob, good point on that, but I feel that "MOST" of the true Air Brush Artists are usually spraying Createx or some kind of water based enamel paints. I used to subscribe to Air Brush artist magazine and thats the predominate paint being used... (that was a few years ago by the way) I dont mean luremakers on that, but Illustrators, T-Shirt Makers etc. I may be wrong on that, but T-Shirt Artists and stuff like those guys use that kind of paint as well. (At least I did when I did it) Even those paints will carry some kind of pollutants that can affect your breathing, ( at least thats what Ive been told) and thats what I believe most of those plans will help to eliminate or control. I would believe that due to the useage OF THOSE PAINTS an enclosed motor is really "NOT NECCESSARY"..????? I dont know on that, but that could be the answer to that. Cost could be another thing, but something is better than nothing!

Now Once you throw into the equation of spraying laquer and HEAVIER TOXICITY of paints, solvents and thinners, I think a higher degree of a system should be planned and used. But again that would also depend on the degree of your usage and the type of paint your using. I would definitely do that if I shot Laquer Paint. Hey I have seen some guys USE NOTHING at all, and Im one of them. But I have been spraying water based paints for years.... but if I develope lung cancer... It aint cause I smoke. LOL :P

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