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:)Hello people im trying to make my own lures for pike fishing but i need some advise.

1.where do you put the weights in the body?

2.what do you seal and prime the body with?

3.what type of paint recomend i use?

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@ Pike catcher

At first , welcome to TU:yeah: !

Location of ballast/balance weights are really depending on the kind of baits that you are building and/or their different purposes .

The title of your thread is "jerkbaits" and you are from England , so I assume , that you refer to the kind of lures , that Americans call "gliders" , but we in Europe call them jerkbaits .

Have you checked Lurebuilding 101 , there are some building instructions published in there , it's a Dutch site , but an English version is available .

For beginners in jerkbait building(also in fishing them) I can especially recommend one model called "The Roach" in there , better known elsewhere as the "Heiddy" .

Concerning the sealing and painting of your wooden lure blanks , there are tons of info in various threads around in here ,....... since you are a newcomer , you might not have found out already , but you can utilize the search function to find out more , just type in some keywords refering to your questions .

Just be ready to take some time for a thorough look over , you'd definately find something to help you:yes::yes: !

And it is always of advantage to specify details about certain problems ,.... to answer just rather more common questions like yours above would surely fill entire book chapters and hardly anybody might type his fingers sore to answer all !

greetz:yay: , diemai

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