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Hello all, I am new to luremaking seriously. I have made a few in the past years that never got finished due to lack of component sales. I have tyed flies for years and am ready to move on. Ok, I am a top water fan and would like to stick there for a bit. Here's my problem, I need propellers and maybe jitterbug cups. I have looked around at some of the vendors listed here and found props, but am unsure of the size listed. Does anyone have a preffered supplier that is easy on the beginner? Is there a vendor where I could get jitterbug cups and other "odd" components for topwater cranks. Also, is there a preffered wood to work with? I have lots of mahogany on hand and would like to use this, but I've never had a mahogany lure. Is there a best choice or preferance? Thanks for any info.

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@ JustJohn369

Hi , John , welcome at TU !

I purchase my lure components at Welcome to Moore's Lures , but there are also a few other suppliers around , like f. e. "Barlow's" , "Hagens" , "Jann's Netcraft" , "BassProShops", "Cabela's" , etc . , they are all mentioned somewhere in here !

I guess , that mahagony would be too heavy for topwaterlures , ......with all hardware added , such lures would not be buoyant sufficiently anymore:?:huh: .

Probably a good choice for sinking glider baits :??

I guess , over there in the US the guys take your local pinewood or basswood , ....here in Europe abachewood is quite popular , it's weight and density is somewhere between pine and balsa , and it holds epoxied screweyes as well .

good luck , diemai:yay:

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mahogany will work. here's a pick of a mahogany floater/diver i did a few years ago, worked fine. you can try a small amount of ballast in the body but the hook hanger and hooks may be enough . i assume you're thinking of a cigar shape bait. after you have it carved, put it in some water to see how it floats. the denser part of the lure will roll to the underside and the more bouyant part of the lure will be on top. make a mark on the top for reference so you can place eye screws/hooks on the bottom.


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