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I finally made the plunge and ordered an airbrush today. It was weird though, the price of the kit i got on tcpglobal was $40 higher then the price of the same kit on tcpglobal ebay store. Why would the ebay one be that much cheaper?

Was just curious as I hate spending money online and see differing prices from the same distributor. Makes me think the ad is not accurate.

I got a Master g22 airbrush, I figure it would be a good starter brush.

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I was not familier with the Champion brand so I had to go to tcp's website and look it up to have a look. It looks like they copied an Iwata hpc....0.3mm tip is a great size for this type of work.....Gravity feed cup is easy to clean but can get in your line of sight when doing detail work....its got a solvent resistant teflon packing o-ring which is always a good thing if you use any solvent based paints.....all in all it'll most likely make you a fine beginners airbrush.....keep it clean and it may give you good service for along time....let us know.

My main concern would be ease of aquiring replacement parts....with brand names like Iwata, Badger or Paasche, you can usually count on finding common usage spare parts at stores like Hobby Lobby or Michaels.....who knows, you might find that Iwata parts will fit.....only thing wrong with that is Iwata parts aren't cheap.

As for the price differences, who knows.......coulda been a mess up or ?....Maybe it was price of airbrush only compared to price with hose, bottles, wrenches, etc?......I did some pricing online at Bass pro's website recently and then went to one of their stores to make my purchase....only to find that the instore pricing was different (ie:more expensive)then their online prices.....Go figure!

Good luck with your new airbrush....It'll take ya some time for the brain/finger thing to work correctly....hehehe....just don't get discouraged and you'll do alright.:yes:

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