Oh Gosh, More Aluminite Questions!!

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Hello everybody,

I am looking into casting a bunch of muskie glide baits out of Aluminite resin. I have never used the stuff before, or any resin for that matter, but I have done some research and I believe Aluminite is what I want. The glide baits i want to make will sink, which is one reason why I am choosing Aluminite. A few questions now:

1.) Would the hooks on the lure act alone as enough ballast to keep the lure upright in the water and prevent it from turning over/flipping?

2.) Would I be able to use POP as a mold for casting the resin? Or would I need to make an RTV mold?

3.) As far as hooks hangers go, would I be able to use Brass Sinker Eyelets? Such as these: Do-It Brass Sinker Eyelets ? Or would I need to make these baits thru-wire?

Thanks a bunch guys!!!

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Bass champ there is a PM sent, On the brighter side after you figure things out you can cast baits in a matter of minutes.

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