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Bester    14

Do you find that once the clear has been breached by a toothy fish, that the paint job gets ruined? I was wondering if there is some way to prevent this.

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spare tire    10

Nothing can hold up for ever, but a treatment to the wood before it is painted is key. I've used 2 methods, prop pellets, you can do a search on this for lots of info, also a mix of 2ton and pure alchohol, both work great if done correctly. Both will let the epoxy or plastic get soaked into the wood. This will prevent in most cases paint from peeling off in chunks. Also make sure to use 2 ton on hardware being installed so you wont let water into those points as well. With all this and a good topcoat water based paints are fine, same holds true to other paints as well.



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clemmy    65

I think what you might be referring to is whether water based paints are "rewettable". this is like if you spray a watercolor painting with water, the colors run. Some watr-based paints are designed to not run once dried, others need to be heat-set (Createx is a common one that reccomends heat-setting) and others function like watercolors, but can have additives added to make them not run.

Not that this helps much, but it does depend on which brand/formulation you use.

But if it's a concern, yes, you CAN have water-based paint that doesn't run if it gets wet is your simple answer.

hope this helps,


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