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I know that there are good products.....not so good products, and great products.....When it comes to purchasing unpainted crankbait bodies, do you guys that paint these have any preferences? What brand or crankbait styles do you purchase and paint the most often? Which is most popular, wood or plastic.....I seem to see alot more plastics for sale then wood.

The reason being...I'd like to paint some to give as gifts to some friends and family members this Christmas, but I would like to use components that are good quality, and not get stuck with something that isn't up to par.....but I don't know just by looking at pics at an online store whether that bait is gonna run like its suppose to or will it just start rolling over or is it gonna leak water at the seams or better yet, am I gonna have to glue it all together first or??

Having never puchased any of this stuff before I'm kinda unsure where I might wanna start so i'd like ya'lls input if'n ya don't mind.....Thanks.:wink:

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