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@ Blacksheep

Suppose , that you are looking to buy ready made spoons blanks to decorate/paint and rig with hooks ,... not making them yourself from sheet metal ?

Well , a 5" size of such blanks is hard to find , I believe , .........I guess that "Lakeland" makes them , but as far , as I'm concerned , they only sell in bulk , or not even to private persons at all , only to businesses:huh::?:? ???

I am a customer of Welcome to Moore's Lures for years already , Dick Moore states in his catalog , to be searching for items for his customers , that are not listed in his catalog .

So some years ago I took a chance on it and asked him for a few bigger spoon blanks , and he got them for me , these are 2 ounces and are shaped similar to the "Eppinger Husky Devle jr." , 4 1/2" to 5" long(don't remember exactly) .

Most component suppliers only sell smaller spoon blank sizes ,..... I remember to have seen a big model(more than 5") some time ago in a "Stamina's" catalog , but that one looked a bit "weird" to me .

good luck , diemai:yay:

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