Crankbait bodies out of old CD/DVDs!

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@ Green_Fingers

Go ahead , ....I'm eager to see your first wooden bait;):yes: !

good luck , diemai:yay:

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This is just vacuum forming without the vacuum.............Probably can be done with ABS plastic. Try cutting peices from the flat areas of a large laundry detergent bottle. It takes less heat to form it as it starts to soften at about 170 f.and will completely melt at about 250 f. A paint stripper gun should provide enough heat to get the job will also get hot enough to melt cds. This is done in other craft hobbies commonly using polystyrene. I would use caution with heating up CD's or any plastic as they emit bad fumes...................

Just an idea for the CD's breakage issue.......maybe paint the inside of the bait with silicone rubber before glueing the halves together. This will help to dampen the shock from impact loads....

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