English Translation - Making Crankbaits from CD's

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Hi Guys,

Anyone interested-- I found a website -- "Yahoo! Babelfish" -- that I was able to translate the German webpage to English so I could read it. All you need to do is insert the original website address into the translation box, choose to translate from "German to English", and the page comes up in English! It worked Perfectly!

Yahoo! Babel Fish - Text Translation and Web Page Translation

How to website: Wobblerbau aus alten CD

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Good info cheers!

I may have posted this link but I don't speak German either so will try this!

There is also a site, Reverso : online translation, free automatic translation, dictionary, grammar, definition, conjugation, synonyms, which I find makes a better translation, however ,you can only use it to translate short peices of text so not helpfull for this article, but good if you want to send a message to someone in another language, I have been using it to communicate on-line in russian and polish, and so far seem to have been understood!


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