How to repaint plastic crankbaits

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No DVD needed.. right here is the place to find the info your looking for.. JT (Blades) is the man on the best way to repaint a plastic bait so maybe he will chim in with more advice to those exact models. I personally have never paint those rebel baits before..

Here are my steps:

Scuff the bait 400 grit sand paper.. You dont have to take off all the paint you just want to take off the old shine and put micro scratches on the plastic so you primer and paint will stick to it..

Wash the bait really good with soap and water

Use rubber gloves to touch it and dry it off so you dont get your finger print oil on it.

Get some bulldog adheasive primer promoter it bites the plastic. You can find it a most automotive paint supply stores.

Prime and seal coat your bait.

Paint your bait and make sure you dry or give it time to Flash off between coats.

Clear coat it. Everyone here as an opinion about the best.. Epoxy, DN, Tractor Clear, etc... I prefer mositure cure clears.. they seem to hold better in the long run and dont turn yellow over time like most epoxies.. but some guys have success with epoxy so they will chim in too.

DONT FISH IT FOR ABOUT 2 weeks.. Let the clear coat cure good for best results.

When you get stuck ask more questions. Everyone is very helpful.

Good Luck,

The Rookie

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Excellent reply by the Rookie.

Some other advice is to but some cheapo baits from stamina tackle and practice on them.For me it was a LOT of trial and error.Now im comfortable painting Rapalas.

No book will give as much info as right here.

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hogflesh77    10

good reading. i have also been trying to refurb old topwaters and i have not found a good primer to begin. it does seem the everyone here uses bulldog. my question is, will createx water based paints work well with the bulldog primer? hogflesh77.

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68KingFisher    13

Bulldog is NOT really concidered a primer.....its an adhesion promotor....sprays on clear before you apply the primer.....Bulldogs motto is "Makes paint stick" great on plastics.....I wouldn't use it on wood.

Yes, you can use Createx primers and basecoats on top of can also use urethanes over it without any problems.

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rlcam    11

You could also use Krylon Fusion before you paint.I use a white for the base and then paint my other layers.I use rattle cans and it works great,its made to adhere to plastics.I think some on here use it even before airbrushing too...Rob

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