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Hands down, the easiest way is to use a template. Get some frisket material from a hobby shop or art store. It's a plastic film with peel-off paper backing designed for this use. You can substitute other waterproof films (milk bottles, etc) but frisket is easy to cut and will conform to the sides of the bait easier than most films. That will save you a lot of frustration. First, trace an outline of the bait on the paper backing, then draw in the craw legs and/or segment lines you want. JMHO, you don't want too much detail, but enough to SUGGEST a craw. Take a sharp Xacto knife and cut out your design, then use scissors to cut out the template. Now, DO NOT peel off the paper backing. Just hold the template against the bait while you shoot the details. Remove the template, dry the bait AND the template with a hair dryer. Flip the bait and the template over and do the other side exactly the same. If you like the results, you can save the template and do future baits with it. The big advantage of reversible templates is you can get both sides of the bait exactly the same, which is hard to do even if you are an ace detail painter (which very few of us are!).

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