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I am just getting started and was wondering if anyone could tell me what colors of paint I need to order for bluegill, sexy shad, baby bass, bull bream, thread fin shad, and a crawfish color. I am planning on using createx and wildlife colors from smith products. I just dont want to order a bunch of paint and never use it. Thanks for any info.

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Well, lessee, to start you off

a highly pigmented white for color basecoating, like Polytranspar Superhide White

medium gray





medium blue

medium brown

neon yellow (aka chartreuse)

bright green

dark green

pearl white

pearl chrome

iridescent gold

I'd order the 4 oz size in acrylic latex colors. An 8 or 16 oz Superhide White. Where available, I prefer transparent colors to solids for color layering. You might want to add in metallic blue and green if you like that effect. You can use the pearl chrome to overshoot other colors for a baitfish sheen effect, but it will darken other colors somewhat.

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